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Below Are the various Academic/Athletic offerings for summer 2018

Magis Scholars Program

Please note that registration for the Magis Scholars Program will open March 1, 2018.

  • Please contact Mrs. Bridget Cannon Hale, Director of Ready, Set, Prep at bcann@prep.creighton.edu.
  • Summer programming the weeks of June 4 and June 11 will meet Monday through Thursday from 8:30-11:30. During this time we will be able to meet teachers and department chairs. You will also receive a special tour of the school and facilities. In addition, we will be reading the summer reading book and learning strategies to assist with a smooth transition to your Freshman year. We will also have fun with some community building activities to help you get to know approximately 40 other students enrolled in the program.
  • Enrollment in a Magis Scholars course for the 2018-2019 school year. This course focuses on organization, time management, test taking strategies, self-advocacy, building reading comprehension, and vocabulary development. It will provide you all the necessary information and tools to do well in your other six courses.
  • Individual and small group academic coaching throughout the school year.
  • Direct and regular access to our Cura Personalis staff, including an academic coach, a learning specialist, a school psychologist, and a school social worker.
  • The cost of this year long program is $275.00.
  • Required iPad training: Friday, June 1 at 10:00 a.m. *see below for more information*
  • Students  will need to have their Prep Summer Reading book.

iPad Training 

  • Friday, June 1st 10:00-11:00 a.m.
iPad Information
    • Acceptable models include:  32 GB iPad (iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad Pro, iPad Mini 2, iPad Mini 3, iPad Mini 4) with a protective case that protects the back and the corners of the device.  
    • Only iPads are acceptable. Other tablet-style computing devices will not meet our system and program requirements.
    • Families are responsible for purchasing the iPad.  Prep does not issue iPads to students. Families are expected to purchase an iPad for each student they have enrolled at Prep. iPads are available online, at Apple Stores, and other retailers (Nebraska Furniture Mart, Target, Best Buy, etc).
    • If you have any questions regarding the 1:1 iPad Program, please visit creightonprep.creighton.edu/iPad and click on the 1:1 Program Frequently Asked Questions

High School Math Advancement Courses



  • $275 tuition paid to Creighton Prep

Course Times:

These courses meet each week, June 4-June 29, 2018

  • 21 Honors Geometry [8:00-11:00, Mon-Thurs]
    • Requirements: 
      • Students must have earned an 88% or higher in Honors College Algebra (418) 
        • Students that have earned an 86% or 87% that wish to enroll are required to submit a letter of recommendation from their math teacher
      • Be enrolled in Honors College Algebra (418) for the fall of 2017
  • 22 Algebra II [8:00-11:00, Mon-Thurs]
    • Requirements:
      • Mathematics Department Chair permission
  • 23 Precalculus [8:30-10:30, Mon-Fri]
    • Requirements:
      • Mathematics Department Chair permission

Register Here

High School Credit Recovery and Remediation

Remediation of course(s) must be done through the Jesuit Virtual Learning Academy's (JVLA) online platform or the University of Nebraska High School (UNHS).



  • Each JVLA course costs $265 and there is also a $50 transfer of credit fee. Both of those are paid to Creighton Prep.
  • Most UNHS remediation courses cost $250, and there is also a $50 transfer of credit fee. World Language courses cost $350. The course cost is paid directly to UNHS, and the $50 transfer of credit fee is paid to Creighton Prep.


  • Creighton Prep will register students for JVLA courses on Wednesday, May 30th. JVLA will then contact students and parents shortly thereafter.
  • Students/families are responsible for self-registering for UNHS courses. Registration can be completed at any time but must be complete by June 1, 2018. Students registering for UNHS courses must select a proctor. Please indicate that Mr. Chris Searl will serve as proctor for the course. Registraton can be done at https://highschool.nebraska.edu/enroll

JVLA Courses:

Failed Prep Course  Remediation Course  
Theology I/II semester 1      The Revelation of Christ in Scripture (JVLA June 11-July 13)
Theology I/II semester 2      The Mission of Christ (JVLA June 11-July 13)
Theology III Sacraments as Privileged Encounters with Christ (JVLA June 11-July 13)
Theology IVJesus Christ's Mission Continues in the Church (JVLA July 16-August 10)
Moral ValuesLife in Jesus Christ (JVLA July 16-August 10)

UNHS Courses:

Failed Prep Course  Remediation Course
World History - semester 1  SSTH031: World History 1 (UNHS)
World History - semester 2   SSTH032: World History 2 (UNHS)
US History - semester 1SSTH033: American History 1 (UNHS)
US History - semester 2SSTH033: American History 1 (UNHS)
American GovernmentSSTH038: American Government: National Level (UNHS)
EconomicsBUSH035: Economics (UNHS)
English I/Hon Eng I - sem 1ENGH031: Ninth Grade English 1: Introduction to Language Arts (UNHS)
English I/Hon Eng I - sem 2ENGH032: Ninth Grade English 2: Literature, Grammar & Comp (UNHS)
English II/Hon Eng II - sem 1   ENGH035: Tenth Grade English 1: Intermediate Language Arts (UNHS)
English II/Hon Eng II - sem 2ENGH036: Tenth Grade English 2: Intermediate Lit, Grammar & Comp (UNHS)
English III - semester 1ENGH039: Eleventh Grade English 1: Early American Literature (UNHS)
English III - semester 2ENGH040: Eleventh Grade English 2: Modern American Literature (UNHS)
Algebra I  - semester 1 or 2MTHH032: First Year Algebra 2 (UNHS)
Geometry  - semester 1 or 2MTHH036: Geometry 2 (UNHS)
Algebra II - semester 1 or 2MTHH040: Second Year Algebra 2 (UNHS)
Physical Science - semester 1   SCIH021: Physical and Earth Sciences 1 (UNHS)
Physical Science - semester 2     SCIH022: Physical and Earth Sciences 2 (UNHS)
Chemistry - semester 1 or 2SCIH032: Chemistry 2 (UNHS)
Biology - semester 1SCIH025: Biology 1 (UNHS)
Biology - semester 2SCIH026: Biology 2 (UNHS) 
Latin I - semester 2LATH001: First Year Latin (UNHS)
Latin II - semester 2LATH002: Second Year Latin (UNHS)
Spanish I - semester 2SPNH001: First Year Spanish (UNHS)
Spanish 2 - semester 2SPNH002: Second Year Spanish (UNHS)
French I - semester 2FREH001: First Year French (UNHS)
French II - semester 2FREH002: Second Year French (UNHS)



  • Dates vary based on the camps
  • Please note that the camp times vary 


  • Varies based on camp


Registration Form

For registration questions please contact Candace Thompson at cthom@prep.creighton.edu

Driver's Ed

Driver's Education is co-ed, open to students from other high schools and is provided by Cornhusker Driving School. Please note that the times listed are for classroom instruction only. Driving times are arranged with the instructor. The cost is $375. The course includes 20 hours of classroom instruction and up to five hours of driving experience. This includes the Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles Driving Test.

To register, please visit www.cornhuskerdriving.com.

Payment for the class is due on the first day of class. Please have your child bring it with them to class.

Summer Session to be held at Cornhusker Driving School at 3101 N. 108th Street (108th & Maple):

June 7   8 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

June 8   8 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

June 9   8 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

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