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It would be impossible for me to overstate how proud I am of the entire Prep community. Our faculty and staff have done a remarkable job rebuilding the airplane while flying it. Students have taken their part in this work seriously, as well, which is the best fuel for our teachers’ ambitions. And parents have become even greater partners for us in our mission to educate and form our students. The dean’s office and counselors are especially grateful for all that parents are doing to help them in their work. 

After a week of conferencing with principals from other schools around the region, it is clear that we have become a model for many other schools who have asked to consult with us on a wide variety of issues, allowing us the opportunity to act as a force multiplier for the common good. I conclude this first week of being an entirely online school leader with a deep sense of gratitude and respect for everyone’s efforts.

I wish that I could segue into an optimistic announcement about returning to regular life in the near future, but that is not the forecast we have received from the Governor, the Nebraska Department of Education, or our local health officials. Instead, state officials have recommended that all schools make plans to finish the year with their students learning from home. All of us are holding out hope that this will not be the case, but it is only prudent for us to begin to plan for this likely outcome. To that end, I would like to share the following:

  • We have developed some guidelines for online learning for parents and students that will serve as an update to the Student-Parent Handbook. More details below.

  • In an effort to ensure all students’ needs are being addressed, we have created a Student Support Services Call Team that will reach out to every family through a phone call to check-in with each of our students. More details below.

  • We will be creating a revised calendar that will take us through the end of this school year using our online learning schedule. We expect to release that to everyone early next week. 

  • We are working on new student activities and campus ministry programming that will create opportunities for students to engage in the types of formative experiences that foster the sense of brotherhood, servant leadership, and fun that are all hallmarks of the Prep experience. Information will be made available to students via daily announcement emails.

  • We are developing plans to provide special opportunities for seniors to celebrate and commemorate the conclusion of their experience as Prep students and will communicate those plans once they are solidified.

Please keep in mind that teachers and counselors want nothing more than to care for their students. The limitations of online learning make this quite a challenge because they are not able to pick up on all the nonverbal cues they used to have access to. If your student is struggling, please make sure that he lets his teachers and counselor know that. And if he does not, please feel encouraged to do so for him.

We have all been asked to make some pretty substantial sacrifices. I found this recent letter from Dr. Daniel Johnson, Prep grad and current UNMC critical care doctor, an important reminder of what we are trying to do together as a community. I think it is worth reading and discussing with your family.

Thank you for your continued efforts and ongoing partnership. The Prep community is only growing stronger as we face these challenges together.


Student Support Services Call Team

Starting next week, staff members from the Prep Student Support Services Call Team will be calling all parents to find out how our students are dealing with the move to online learning. We want to check on our families, make sure they are okay during this time of transition, and identify where we can provide support. We will begin calling freshmen and work our way up toward seniors and we expect it to take about two weeks to get in touch with every family. If you have anything you need us to address, please do not hesitate to reach out at any time.

Handbook Updates

Please review our Online Learning Plan: Guideline for Students and Parents found here. This document serves as an update to our Student-Parent Handbook and outlines some important changes to policies and procedures for our online experience. Mr. Brown sent this document in an email to all students with a request to review, as well. 

School Calendar Changes and Updates 

The school calendar has been updated through April 17. We will have a new calendar available next week that outlines the schedule for the remainder of the year working under the presumption that we will finish the school year via online learning.

The Student and COVID 19: Depression and the Impact on the Individual

Kevin Kaminski, Prep’s mental health practitioner, offers some tips on how to help ourselves and others to reduce the risks of depression during this time of social distancing.

Trying Times: And the Impact of E-Learning and Screen Time

We all know the significant impact technology and screen time has had on this current generation but this has become compounded with our current situation. “Screenagers” founder Dr. Delaney Ruston, MD can help you navigate the tech boundaries that we all need through Tech-Talk Tuesdays. 

Prep COVID-19 Communications Summary

comprehensive list of all emails sent to students and parents. 


For 49 consecutive years, we have hosted BASH, our annual dinner and auction, to help provide financial assistance to deserving young men who would not otherwise be able to attend Prep.  

While our 50th BASH will be different, it will happen! Prep's VIRTUAL BASH 2020 will include an online auction and sponsor recognition, raffle drawing and raise the paddle. 

Watch for an email from Fr. Tom Neitzke, SJ on Monday with more details!


Winter Season Academic All-State 

Congratulations to the following Creighton Prep students for being named Academic All-State in their respective activities:

  • Swimming: Daniel Peery ‘20 and Ethan Schmaderer ‘20

  • Basketball: Brendan Buckley ‘21 and Spencer Schomers ‘20

  • Speech: Dominic Mendlik ‘21 and Nathaniel Reyes ‘21

  • Wrestling: Francisco Beccerra ‘21 and Tony Pray ‘22


Daily Student Prayer

Today's Morning Prayer comes to us from our very own James Chapman ‘20. Thank you James for putting this together and representing Prep well!

Other CP Prayer Opportunities:


Registration Fee 2020-2021

The registration fee for the 2020-2021 school year has been billed to all families and is due April 15. If you have any questions, please email Debbie Novotny or call her at 402-548-3849

2020-2021 School Calendar
We’ve officially released the calendar of events for the school, Advancement and Prep Community events for the 2020-2021 school year. You can download this PDF for your reference and also find it on the website.

Parent Pulse - March 20th
Posted 03/20/2020 04:21PM


Take a look at this video of Jim Bopp giving a recap of the first two days of online learning, answer some daily schedule questions, outline the calendar through the Easter break and provide updates on some upcoming fun and faith opportunities to stay connected as a community. 


To make it easier for parents and students to reference all of the COVID-19 communication Prep has emailed, here is a comprehensive list of everything sent to date. We will continue to add content in the future. You may want to bookmark this page and check back for updates. 


The school calendar has recently been updated as we continue online learning through at least the next four weeks. You will want to review the updates below and on the website. Also, as of now, Prom has been suspended and we’ll reevaluate as we learn more. Sterling Brown, dean of students, will also share the dates with our students.  

Next Week - March 23-27

  • Monday, March 23 - A Day

  • Tuesday, March 24 - B Day

  • Wednesday, March 25 - Faculty Office Hours for Students to Get Help

  • Thursday, March 26 - A Day

  • Friday, March 27 - B Day

Week of March 30th

  • Monday, March 30 - A Day

  • Tuesday, March 31 - B Day

  • Wednesday, April 1 - Faculty Office Hours for Students to Get Help

  • Thursday, April 2 - A Day

  • Friday, April 3 - B Day

Week of April 6th

  • Monday, April 6 - A Day

  • Tuesday, April 7 - B Day

  • Wednesday, April 8 - Faculty Office Hours for Students to Get Help

  • Thursday, April 9 - Easter Break - No School

  • Friday, April 10 - Easter Break - No School

Week of April 13th

  • Monday, April 13 - Easter Break - No School

  • Tuesday, April 14 - A Day

  • Wednesday, April 15 - B Day

  • Thursday, April 16 - A Day

  • Friday, April 17 - B Day


Kevin Kaminski, Prep’s mental health practitioner, offers some insights into the stages of grief that some of our students may be experiencing while facing such wide sweeping change associated with COVID-19 safe distancing measures. 

If the stress, anxiety, and loss becomes too great, assistance is still available through Prep and Kevin’s office. He will continue to conduct sessions remotely to help students through this difficult time. Please don’t hesitate to contact Kevin or have your student contact him directly.


For 49 years, Creighton Prep has hosted BASH, our annual dinner auction, which provides financial assistance to students who would otherwise not be able to attend Prep.

While our 50th BASH will be different, it will happen! Prep's VIRTUAL BASH 2020 will include an online auction, raffle drawing and raise the paddle. Stay tuned for more details.


Daily Student Prayer

The Campus Ministry department would like to share a great initiative happening between Omaha Catholic high schools. Each weekday morning at 8 a.m. (15 min before class begins), we will be sending out a morning prayer video produced by a student at one of these schools. All schools will use this same video to begin their day in prayer. We've decided to do this for two reasons:

  • To give some sort of normalcy to our day by beginning in prayer together as we've always done. 

  • To remind ourselves that even though we are separated, we are not alone.

Marian produced today’s video and you can watch it on YouTube

FaithCP App & Website

If you are looking for a prayer resource during this time, please visit Prep’s FaithCP site or download the app  We have recently added a new recording of the examen prayer, led by senior Matt Lemar.  Each day, FaithCP provides a daily scripture reading, reflection, and prayer.  Any prayer requests submitted on FaithCP will be shared with the Prep Jesuit community to be remembered when they celebrate Mass.  


Registration Fee 2020-2021

The $350 registration fee for the 2020-2021 school year has been billed to families of returning students through their FACTS incidental billing account. If you have already signed up for automatic payments of incidental billings, your designated bank account or credit card will be charged the $350 fee on April 15, 2020. If you are not signed up for automatic payments for incidentals yet, the fee should be paid online through FACTS by the April 15th due date. Please watch for an email from FACTS and email Debbie Novotny or call at 402-548-3849 with any questions.


We’ve officially released the calendar of events for the school, Advancement and Prep Community events for the 2020-2021 school year. You can download this PDF for your reference and also find it on the website.

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